Ideal Candidate Personality Assessment

Ideal Candidate Personality Assessment


The Ideal Candidate Personality Assessment tells you which candidates will thrive in the role you are hiring. Up to 25 candidates.

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Do you need a Doer or a Thinker? Is your open position made for an Artist or a Socialite? If you haven’t thought in similar terms, you may be missing the most crucial factor in your hiring decision: will the person you hire thrive in their new role?

With an Ideal Candidate Personality Assessment, you can go forward with the candidates that will most enjoy and thrive doing the exact work that you are hiring them to do.


  • Analysis of the open position including title, responsibilities, skills, activities

  • Personality profiling in the Professional Interest Database

  • Detailed report outlining the key Personality Traits to assess in each candidate

  • Information explaining the Ideal Candidate Personality Assessment and how to use it in your hiring search

Make sure you’re considering the candidates that will thrive in your open position.